Snowmobile tour to Nalychevskaya Valley

Nalychevo Nature Park is one of the most attractive places on the Kamchatka peninsula! The park is a picturesque valley of the Nalycheva River, surrounded by active and extinct volcanoes, the coast of the majestic Pacific Ocean, healing thermal and mineral springs, a network of beautiful azure rivers and lakes, transparent blue glaciers sliding down from the fire–breathing mountains. "Nalychevo" is a specially protected natural area. In 1996, it was included in the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage List.

During the tour, you will also have an amazing opportunity to admire the beautiful volcanoes from a minimum distance, ride snowmobiles (in sleds) and inflatable Toboggan sleds from their slopes. You will bathe in different composition and temperature of therapeutic thermal springs - and all this in the open air surrounded by a large amount of snow!


Day 1: Transfer to Nalychevo
Departure by car to the place of transfer to a snowmobile (25 km). Safety instruction. Departure on snowmobiles in sleds to the Nalychevskaya valley (42 km). Hot tea and sandwiches are on the way. Arrival at the cordon in the central part of the park. Accommodation in wooden houses. Rest. Bathing in therapeutic thermal springs. Supper. Overnight in cabins.

Day 2: Talovsky hot springs
Breakfast. Snowmobile tours of the nature park. A trip to the Talovsky hot springs and the spurs of the Dzenzur volcano (with good snow conditions, it is possible to get to the fumarole site). A snack with hot tea during the tour. In the evening, return to the cordon. Supper. Overnight in cabins.

Day 3: Aag narzans, return to the city
Breakfast. Bathing in the Goryacherechensk thermal springs. Excursion to a small travertine waterfall. Dinner. Return to the city, visit the Aag narzans on the way (with favorable snow conditions). The water of the springs is pleasant to the taste, in composition it is close to the Caucasian narzans

  1. Winter equipment (January, February up to -35°, March, April up to -25°, a warm ski suit is suitable)
  2. Fleece or sweater
  3. Winter thermal underwear
  4. Headdress (warm hat)
  5. Balaclava or balaclava
  6. Gloves (warm)
  7. Pay special attention to shoes. It should be as high as possible so that snow does not fall through the top, inside, and also, it should be warm enough and waterproof.
  8. Warm socks (2 pairs)
  9. Bathing accessories (bathing suit, slates, towel, bathrobe if possible)
  10. Sunglasses or ski mask
  11. Sunscreen
  12. Personal hygiene items
  13. Personal first aid kit
  14. Photo and video equipment, spare batteries
  15. A waterproof bag, or a backpack with a cover, for transporting things while driving on a snowmobile.
  16. Sleeping bag (can be rented on site)