Helicopter tours

Many natural attractions of Kamchatka are located far from the city, and to see them, it is necessary to overcome more than one hundred kilometers.

Helicopter and walking tours will allow you to visit difficult-to-reach unique natural objects in a short time and with minimal physical effort, look from a bird's-eye view into the craters of active volcanoes and admire the views of mountain ranges, numerous rivers and lakes....

Departures are carried out from a comfortable airport by Mi-8T/MI-8P and MI-2 helicopters for small groups (from 1 to 5 people).

Please pay attention to the fact that helicopter tours directly depend on weather conditions. The delay in departure can range from several hours to several days. Therefore, we recommend that you provide several reserve days in case of non-flying weather or plan to participate in this tour for the first days of your stay in Kamchatka.

In case of cancellation of the tour due to bad weather conditions, the money will be refunded in full.

On request, we carry out individual departures for organized groups.