Burnt volcano (snowmobile with climbing)

Period of the event: february - june

Duration: 9 hours

No epithets can decorate the fascinating kilometers of the way through the endless, snowy landscapes. You need to see it, you need to participate in it.

The snowmobile will allow you to get as close as possible to the crater. And here it is – the cherished goal of the trip. Initially, I just want to be silent, listen to the ringing silence of fresh, frosty air. To feel unity with the planet - there is no better place to do this. After all, it is here, at the very crater, that Mother Earth reveals her secrets. The solemnity of the situation evokes philosophical thoughts, the surrounding world appears in a completely different form.

The view of the "puffing" crater, releasing small portions of gas, disposes to listening. Relevant and alarming is the fact that in the last century and a half, Burnt erupts with a frequency of 21 years. The atmosphere is simply magical, given the slopes covered with melted ice, the view of the Mutnovsky volcano, with its kilometer-long column of steam and gas.

And how pleasant sandwiches with hot tea are, how extraordinarily delicious Kamchatka delicacies are at an altitude of almost two thousand meters!


  • transfer by car to the Thermal settlement, transfer to a snowmobile
  • snowmobile trip past Vilyuchinsky volcano to Gorely volcano
  • climbing into the crater
  • lunch (hot tea, sandwiches, Kamchatka delicacies)
  • return

You must have with you:

february - May - winter equipment up to -25° (warm thermal underwear, fleece or sweater, warm pants and jacket, preferably with a hood, high warm waterproof shoes, warm headgear, preferably balaclava (balaclava), warm mittens or gloves), ski masks or sunglasses, sunscreen is mandatory, a small backpack for personal belongings, spare socks.