Kuril Lake is the caldera of the VLK. Ksudach – Khodutkin sources

The total duration of the tour is 6-7 hours.

The tour takes place as part of a group of 18-21 people.

Each group is accompanied by a qualified tour guide.

Hot meals are provided.

Those wishing to swim in the hot springs must have bathing accessories with them.

Kuril Lake is the soul of the peninsula, surrounded on all sides by majestic cones of volcanoes. Among the picturesque corners of Kamchatka, the lake undoubtedly occupies one of the first places. It was formed more than 8,000 years ago as a result of a powerful eruption. It is located on the territory of the South Kamchatka State Nature Reserve at an altitude of 103 m above sea level. The maximum depth is 306m. The largest herd of sockeye salmon in Eurasia enters the lake to spawn. The main fishermen in the Kuril Islands are brown bears. At the height of spawning on the shores it becomes crowded with clubfoot, the local grouping is the largest in Russia.

An observation tower has been built near the lake, from where you can safely observe and take pictures of an amazing picture – bear fishing.

The Ksudach volcano is one of the most grandiose objects in Kamchatka, declared a natural monument of landscape and geological nature. There are several lakes in the caldera. The largest is the Key Lake, measuring 3x4 kilometers and about 90 meters deep. In the northern part of the caldera rises the crater of Stubel, which is also filled with a lake. The sheer walls of the crater drop steeply into the water of the lake.

Khodutkin thermal springs - are located in one of the most beautiful places in Kamchatka - at the foot of the extinct volcanoes Priemysh and Khodutka. Located in the crater of a volcanic explosion, these are one of the largest sources in Kamchatka. The water flowing from the numerous griffins gathers into one stream. Keys are knocked out from all sides in the clearing, which turns it into a river up to 30 wide and up to 1.5 m deep.. Khodutkin springs are declared a natural monument of landscape and balneological nature

Excursion program

  1. Group gathering, transfer to the heliport;
  2. Departure from the Nikolaevka heliport;
  3. Flight to Kuril Lake, boat tour of the lake, watching bears near the TINRO barrier (about 2.5 hours);
  4. Flight to the caldera of the Ksudach volcano, sightseeing tour (about 30 min.);
  5. Flight to Khodutka thermal springs, swimming (1 hour). Lunch.
  6. Return to the Nikolaevka heliport (20 min.). Transfer to the hotel.

The following expenses are included in the cost of the listed helicopter excursions:

  • helicopter flights to the Kronotsky Reserve and back (MI-8 helicopter, group of 18-22 people)
  • fees of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve and the Volcanoes of Kamchatka Park for the services provided (visit, support, information support);
  • transfer hotel-heliport-hotel;
  • services of a tour guide;
  • insurance;
  • lunch.