Visit to the Snow Dogs kennel with an ethno-program and dog sledding

Frosty freshness, sparkling snow in the sun, majestic volcanoes, modern snowmobile equipment, a professional team of kayaks and hardworking sled dogs will give you unforgettable vivid impressions of winter holidays in Kamchatka. You will plunge into the mysterious life of the indigenous inhabitants of Kamchatka, get acquainted with their traditions and customs, experience the indescribable delight of self-driving a dog sled, acquire the skills of sled dog breeding and countless positive emotions and unforgettable impressions from communicating with animals in the wild!


departure from the hotel to the meeting place and transfer to snowmobiles.
The journey to the kennel of the northern sled dogs of Andrey and Anastasia Semashkin "SNOW DOGS" begins with a trip on snowmobiles. The nursery is located two and a half kilometers from the road. The path will pass through a snow-covered forest, and then through the tundra. At the entrance to the nursery there is a stunning view of the "Home" volcanoes. You will see in the immediate vicinity the famous Kamchatka trinity – Koryaksky, Avachinsky and Kozelsky volcanoes.

Acquaintance with the nursery will begin with a meeting in the national dwelling – yurt. The guests will be told by aborigines about the life of the northern peoples of Kamchatka. You will learn about why the Northerners collected moss, how they used to harvest berries and fish for the winter, and much more. In a warm yurt, under the crackle of burning logs in the oven, you will be taught northern dances and will perform the oldest ancestral songs with elements of throat singing.

excursion to the kennel "Snow dogs"
We will continue the tour by getting to know its inhabitants, including the famous dogs participating in the longest and most extreme dog sledding race "Beringia". 130 dogs live in the kennel and each of them has its own story. You will get to know the dogs who have broken all records by going through the longest dog sled race in the world. These amazing animals have covered more than 2,100 kilometers across the snow-covered tundra. You will see Siberian huskies, Alaskan malamutes, Samoyeds, riding mestizos.. All northern dogs are human-oriented and you can cuddle and take pictures with them.

visit to a deer farm
8 reindeer live at the Snow Dogs kennel – the wayward and self-confident leader of the small reindeer herd North, a very modest and well-mannered Diamond, the gentle northern beauty Spring and others. You can not only feed the animals, but also take pictures with them.

dog sledding
This is the most extreme adventure that awaits you at the Snow Dogs kennel. Before the start of the ride, there will be an instruction on the rules of team management and safety. Each of the guests, if desired, will be able to either ride in a sled as a passenger, or independently ride on a sled drawn by six dogs. Therefore, instructors work on the track while riding. They accompany the teams on snowmobiles, ensuring the safety of the route.

After skating, our guests will have a hot lunch – ear /shurpa /+ national Koryak tortillas cooked on fire and the famous "tundra" tea made from herbs and berries collected on the peninsula.

photo shoot in national costumes
And at the end of the tour – a photo shoot in national costumes. You will be able to try on Koryak kukhlyanki and malakhai, sewn from reindeer skins by hand, by craftsmen from the northern regions of Kamchatka and take pictures in them, both in the national dwelling and on the street.