Visit to the Kainyran ethnocomplex

Duration: 6-7 hours

From the first minutes, you become a direct participant in an unforgettable, winter holiday! The hospitality of the aborigines will forever conquer you and leave a piece of their warmth in your heart for many years to come. Cozy yarangs, covered with reindeer skins, will protect you from wind and frost, and fur national clothes and felt boots will allow you to have fun carefree and enjoy all the delights of winter!

Ethnic-style program with dog sledding:

  • Meeting with a tour guide.
  • Excursion to the sled dog kennel
  • Excursion to the bear
  • Ethnic concert (Aboriginal dances)
  • Tea with tortillas in the national yaranga
  • master class on dancing games
  • lunch in kamchatka style
  • dog sledding - 1 lap
  • farewell
  • departure to the hot springs "Zelenovsky lakes", swimming.
  • return