Rafting on the Bystraya River + bathing in the Malkin thermal springs

The validity period of the route: May-October
Duration: 1 day

The Malkinskaya Bystraya River is a typical mountain river, has three simple rapids (2nd category of difficulty) and flows among the picturesque mountains of the Median Ridge. The route will bring you a lot of fun and surprises. The pristine beauty of wild places, simple shallow rifts, channels and small islands overgrown with greenery - the Bystrica River is ideal for fishing. Here you can enjoy fishing for salmon going to spawn, countless char, and also appreciate the queen of Kamchatka fishing, the "dancing" fish - the largest rainbow trout in the world. Tourists have a great opportunity to admire the Kamchatka tall grass, bizarre rocky shores, small glades of iris and slender birches. Along the way, you can pick mushrooms and berries, watch seagulls and wild ducks, and if you are lucky, then see a bear.

Thermal springs "Malkinskie" beat directly from the pebbles and sand, overflowing with small ponds and puddles. Previously, the water flowed into the river, and now it gets into special natural baths. Each has its own special composition and temperature.

Tour program:

  • 08:00 Departure from Petropavlovsk to the Bystraya River (153 km, 2 hours).
  • 11:00 Arrival at the place of rafting. Preparation for the alloy. Safety instruction on the river.
  • 11:30 The beginning of the alloy. Rafting takes place on a calm river, without rapids. Participants of the rafting are given life jackets, boots, fishing gear. In each raft there is a guide who manages the raft. The duration of the rafting is 3 hours.
  • 14:30 The end of the alloy. Lunch.
  • 16:00 Departure to the Malkin hot springs. Bathing in the springs.
  • 19:00 Return

You must have with you: backpack, rubber boots, wind-moisture-proof jacket with a hood, a set of warm clothes (sweater, pants, socks, gloves), headgear, replaceable shoes, sunglasses, personal hygiene items, protection against blood-sucking insects, sunburn protection, bathing accessories.