Fishing tour on the Bolshaya River

Venue: Kamchatka Territory, Ust-Bolsheretsk village, fishing base

Group: 2-24 people

Duration of the tour: from 1 day

Arrivals: by reservation (booking of the tour is made in advance).

Dates of the event:

Chinook/Sim 01 June to 15 July
Chum salmon/Pink Salmon/Sockeye salmon      July 15 to August 20
Coho/Char/Mikizha  August 20 to October 10

Types of tours:

  • Captured
  • Corporate
  • Family

The Bolshaya River originates on the north-western spurs of the Ganalsky Vostryaki ridge (the source of the river is taken as the beginning of the riverBystraya River); flows into a vast estuary, and then into the Sea of Okhotsk. The length of the river is 275 km .

The Bolshaya River is of no small importance as a breeding ground for West Kamchatka salmon. More than 40 thousand individuals of chinook salmon, 300 thousand – sockeye salmon, up to 20 million – pink salmon, over 100 thousand individuals of coho salmon come to spawn in this river. There are also many other species found here: grayling, residential mikizha and kunja, Kamchatka salmon (a passing type of mikizha). In the lower reaches of the river, from the end of July to the beginning of September, there is a mass migration of passing char. 

The Bolshaya River is a great place for fishing. If you plan to catch the largest Pacific salmon – chinook salmon – then you need to go to the Bolshaya River, but in a certain period.

We offer accommodation for guests at a fishing base located on the river bank.

  • 4 residential buildings with 2 rooms, each room has 3 beds;
  • one house for a family, a friendly company with a second bed, a kitchen –living room, designed for 4-6 people
  • huge kitchen-dining room, wood-burning sauna;
  • two gazebos;
  • other household buildings that provide comfortable leisure time on fishing

The base and most of the fishing spots are located in the coverage area of the network of mobile operators (MTS preference).

Fishing format – motor boats:

Our fleet consists of 12 COMFORT class motorboats:

  • iron boats of the "BAT" type with a length of 9 meters.
  • 2 boats "Kazanka 5M-4"

All boats are equipped with powerful Japanese Yamaha-40 motors and have a capacity of 3-4 people + a guide

Depending on the place of fishing and the flood situation on the river, fishing can occur both from a boat and from the shore. All our guides know the water area of the Bolshaya River basin well and have many years of experience in salmon fishing and working with guests. The travel time from the base to the fishing place is 10-15 minutes.

Fishing tour program:

Day1. Transfer to S.Ust-Bolsheretsk (220 km., approx. 3 hours), on the way check-in at Malkin hot springs or Apache keys (1-1.5 hours), arrival at the fishing base, accommodation, dinner, rest.

Fishing days. (Breakfast, departure to the river, fishing before lunch, return to base, lunch, departure for evening fishing, return to base, dinner, rest, bath.

Departure day: departure time: morning/lunch/evening – depending on the tour program.

Daily routine:

  1. 7:30 breakfast
  2. 8:00 departure to the river
  3. 12:30 return to base
  4. 13:00 lunch
  5. 14:00 quiet hour
  6. 15:00 departure to the river
  7. 19:30 return to base
  8. 20:00 dinner

*Pink salmon and Coho salmon

  1. 8:30 breakfast
  2. 9:00 out on the water

The program can be adjusted based on the needs of the guests

The price of the fishing tour includes:

  • accommodation
  • 3 meals a day - the work of a professional chef, a varied menu of freshly caught salmon;
  • boat rental with guides;
  • lunch box in the boat before and after lunch (sandwiches, tea, coffee);
  • license to catch 1 piece per person per day;
  • rental of fishing equipment (fishing tackle, spinning rods, life jackets);
  • wood-burning sauna (1 time in 2 days);
  • use of the entire infrastructure of the base, including freezers for storing fish.

The price of the fishing tour does not include:

  • transfer to the fishing base and back;
  • baubles, cords;
  • property damage – according to the purchase price;
  • harvesting of harvested fish for export (by yourself or by agreement with the staff);
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • tips to the staff;
  • other services not provided for by prior agreement.

What to take with you:

  • water-repellent outerwear;
  • warm clothes (closed-neck sweater, hat);
  • waterproof shoes, vaders;
  • sunscreen, sunglasses, cap, bathing accessories;
  • personal gear, fishing rods;
  • personal hygiene products;
  • repellents.