Bathing in the Paratunsky hot springs

Duration: 3-4 hours
Duration of bathing: 1-2 hours

Kamchatka is a treasure trove of hot springs, and Paratunka is a place of rest for Kamchatka residents and guests of the peninsula. Once a tiny village was called Paratunka, which arose at the very springs in the valley of the Paratunka River.

Now it is a well-known area of Kamchatka, where sanatoriums, houses and recreation centers with outdoor pools are located.

Hot springs are typical weakly mineralized nitrogen alkaline siliceous thermae with a temperature of 44 °C. The main active ingredients include silicic acid.

We can offer you swimming in the best pools that are located on the territory of Paratunka.


  • transfer to the springs (60 km, 40 min),
  • travel information,
  • swimming in the thermal water pool,
  • return