Excursion to the Kainyran ethno-cultural complex

Period of the event: all year round

Duration: 7 hours

The ethno-cultural complex "KAINYRAN" (in the lane from Koryaksky "Bear House") is located 40 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in a picturesque place with a beautiful view of the "home" volcanoes of the Koryak - Avacha group, on the shore of a non-freezing spawning lake.

A truly wild vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city awaits you. An unforgettable experience will be given by a concert of local aborigines – a fascinating harp playing, national songs and scenes from the life of hunters.

Cozy yaranga, covered with real deer skins, will warm you with its warmth, and the taste of Koryak herbal tea will be remembered for a long time.

Excursion program:

11:30 Departure to the ethnocomplex
12:30 Meeting guests with a tour guide, acquaintance with the camp
12:45 Welcome performance of the national ensemble
Excursion program to the deer skin dwelling, acquaintance with the life, culture and traditions of the aborigines of Kamchatka
Tasting of Kamchatka tea from wild plants, tortillas on the fire
13:30 Tour of the camp. Excursion to the kennel of sled dogs (rare northern breeds). Excursion to the Kamchatka brown bear
14:30 Kamchatka-style lunch in yarang
15:30 Entertainment activities: participation in master classes in national dances. Exhibition of applied Koryak art. Throat singing (master class). Photo shoot in national costumes

At the end of the tour, we will swim in the healing radon springs "Zelenovsky lakes", which are located nearby. The waters of the springs are a mixture of radon and hydrogen sulfide and have a beneficial effect on the body, improve metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

You must have with you:
outerwear according to the season and weather, bathing accessories, photo and video equipment.