Excursion to Tolmacheva Lake

Period of the event: june - september
Duration: 12 hours

We invite you to visit one of the unique lakes of the Kamchatka Peninsula. It was formed as a result of the collapse of rocky rocks into the river, the collapse blocked further access of water and formed a backwater, which later became a full-fledged lake. Also, the uniqueness of the lake is that the sockeye salmon spawning on the river at the time of the collapse could not go in the opposite direction, and all the fry hatched from the eggs were forced to stay in the lake. Thus, for many years, as a result of internal transformations, a completely new species of freshwater sockeye salmon has emerged – "cocoon", which lives in the lake to this day.

Tolmachevo is a deep–water, very cold lake, its depth in the middle reaches 60 meters, an area of 15 sq. km. The route runs parallel to the cascade of the Tolmachevskaya hydroelectric power station, which has been operating here since 1999, you can photograph beautiful views of the Tolmachevsky Canyon. Visiting Tolmachev Dol in good weather, you can see one of the most beautiful volcanoes in Kamchatka — the Opal volcano. In August, the forest tundra is rich in Kamchatka berries and mushrooms. During this period, there is a high probability of seeing the Kamchatka brown bear. We will stop at the Stone Birch "Ermana" - one of the oldest stone birches on the peninsula, with a girth of several people. In the area of the Tolmachevskaya hydroelectric power station we will have another stop for a walk to the lake "Bear Bowl". Its diameter is about 800 m, its depth is 250 m.

Excursion program:

  • departure from the city.
  • transfer to the village of Sokochi for a snack, where you can buy very tasty local pies if desired. 
  • moving along the Tolmachevsky Valley to the Tolmachevskaya HPP area. On the way, stops for photographing the surroundings
  • arrival at Tolmacheva Lake, a walk, a tour of the surrounding area, possible observation of bears.
  • walking to the crater lake "Bowl"
  • lunch (lunch boxes)
  • moving to a recreation center, bathing in hot springs

You must have with you:

  • wind-moisture-proof jacket with hood;
  • trekking shoes (high-top sneakers);
  • fleece;
  • bathing accessories;
  • sunglasses;
  • sun protection cream;
  • reppelent;
  • photo and video equipment;
  • spare batteries.