Excursion to the Country springs + waterfall on the Calm river

Period of the event: july - october
Duration: 9 o'clock

Dacha springs are located at the foot of the Rocky hill to the north of the Mutnovsky volcano in the immediate vicinity of the Mutnovskaya geothermal power plant. The station is located at around 780 m and is a unique attraction in itself.

The beauty and variety of thermal manifestations are very interesting. Here you can observe steam-gas jets, boiling and mud boilers, mud volcanoes. Immediately, those who wish can swim in a small pool with thermal water and an admixture of blue clay right under the open sky.

The waterfall "Veronica's Spit" or Calm is located on the stream of the same name, originating on the outer northeastern slopes of the Gorely volcano caldera and flowing into the Vilyuchu River in its middle course. The height of the waterfall is 16 m, the width of the vertically falling stream is 5-6 m. Rocky river banks in the place of falling water are decorated with alder elderberry and stone birch, growing almost on vertical slopes. The surrounding landscape gives the waterfall a special aesthetic value.

The Verkhne-Paratunsky springs are located on the slope of the Goryachaya Hill, at an altitude of 70 m above the bottom of the valley of the Paratunka River, where streams of hot thermal water are knocked out of rock cracks. Merging into streams, they flow down the rock face in warm waterfalls, forming natural natural baths. The water temperature in the baths is 39-45

Excursion program:

  • moving by car to Mutnovskaya Geo-electric power station
  • walking tour, recreation, sightseeing
  • lunch (lunch boxes)
  • moving to the waterfall
  • transfer to the Verkhne-Paratunskie hot springs, swimming
  • return

You must have with you:

  • wind-moisture-proof jacket with hood;
  • trekking shoes (high sneakers) or rubber boots;
  • fleece;
  • headdress;
  • bathing accessories;
  • sunglasses;
  • sun protection cream;
  • reppelent;
  • photo and video equipment;
  • spare batteries.