Excursion to the foot of the Avacha and Koryak volcanoes, ascent to the city of Camel (jeep tour)

Period of the event: june - october

Duration of the tour: 6 hours

We offer you to spend an unforgettable time at the foot of two beautiful active volcanoes - Avachinsky and Koryaksky. Especially suitable for those who are not ready to climb the Avacha volcano.

Avachinsky volcano (2 740 m.) is one of the most accessible active volcanoes in Kamchatka, which the residents of Petropavlovsk call "home". The volcano is extremely spectacular and beautiful. It has a peculiar form of a "volcano in a volcano", the scientific name of such a form of volcanic construction is the Somme-Vesuvius. The young cone of the volcano is located in a huge crater left after catastrophic eruptions that occurred 3,800 and 3,500 years ago.

The last major eruption to date occurred in 1991. Then the volcano's mouth, previously almost 200 m deep, was filled with boiling lava. Its red glow could be observed with the naked eye directly from the city. A lava plug has formed in the crater.

At the top of the volcanoes, fumaroles act-the outputs of sulfurous volcanic gases.

The Koryak volcano (3,456 m.) is a stratovolcano, separated from the Avachinsky by a saddle–shaped valley that passes into the Avachinsky pass. Unlike its indefatigable neighbor Avacha, this volcano has been awakened only twice in historical times — in 1895-1896 and in 1956-1957. and its activity was very moderate.


  • Departure by cross-country vehicles to the volcanic plateau (altitude 900 m) to the foot of the Avacha volcano (approx.2 hours) along the bed of a Dry river.
  • Walking tour to the Camel Mountain, which is an extrusion. Photos of natural landscapes and alpine flowers. (depending on the season). From a Camel in clear weather you can enjoy panoramic views of the volcanoes Avachinsky (2751 m), Koryaksky (3456 m), Zhupanovsky (2300 m), Vilyuchinsky (2175 m), Dzenzur (2923 m).
  • Lunch at the tour shelter (lunch boxes) upon returning from Mount Camel. There are a lot of Beringian ground squirrels in the camp, which will amuse you with the fact that they have become almost tame and are not afraid of tourists at all.
  • Return

You must have with you:

  • wind-moisture-proof jacket with hood;
  • trekking shoes (high-top sneakers);
  • spare shoes;
  • headdress;
  • fleece;
  • sunglasses;
  • sun protection cream;
  • reppelent;
  • photo and video equipment;
  • spare batteries.