Tariff policy

  • There is 10 % discount for long period of staying.
  • There are discounts for constant clients according to the discount cards.
  • There are special terms of collaboration for tour organizations, reservation systems when concluding a contract on rendering hotel services.
  • There are additional bonuses for constant partners.


The room rate includes:

  • Daily room cleaning.
  • Change of bedding of 1 times in 3 days or at the request of the guest. In the numbers Suite once a day.
  • At the request of the guest offer dressing gown, slippers (for a fee).
  • A gift in Birthday - champagne from Petropavlovsk PLC.


Reception (round the clock):
8 (4152) 25-25-25
Commutator (for connection with rooms):
8 (4152) 41-95-11