Booking of table or banquet:

Phone: 8 (4152) 25-25-95

Fax: 8 (4152) 25-24-40


the room can seat
60 persons

Description of the restaurant

About the restaurant: restaurant of the hotel Petropavlovsk is a calm, nice place for rest, meetings, celebrations and banquets. We do our best for you to have great service in our restaurant and hope that in the menu you can find whenever you want to try.

The style of the restaurant is modern. At your service the extensive menu in which you will find dishes of Russian, European cuisine.

Our chief cook with great pleasure will cook for you our most popular dishes of Russian national cuisine: pies, galantine, rasstegai, kurnik, pelmeni, vareniki, blini with red caviar.

Splendid cookery, elegant interior, excellent service, exciting entertaining and musical show it all makes the restaurant a great place for citizens and guests of our city, a great place for family dinners, banquets, weddings, romantic evenings.

Banquet room "Russian Gornitsa"

Banquet room Russian Gornitsa - heart of the restaurant Petropavlovsk complex. The style of the banquet room is traditional Russian house with Russian oven and benches.

Restaurants and bars services

Catering services for the guests: breakfasts by the buffet menu system, dinners, suppers, food (dinner and supper) can be included in accommodation cost. In case of early check out it is possible to organize the early breakfast.

  • packing lunch-boxes to take away,
  • catering services,
  • organization of the coffee-breaks and stand-up meal,
  • organization of the weddings banquets (providing with equipment for viewing of video clips, family albums, clips),
  • organization of the childrens birthdays,
  • vocal and musical ensemble, services of the leader, DJ, involving of national collectives.


Beverage: juice, mineral water, kefir and yogurt, coffee, tea

Cutting: sausage, cheese, vegetables

Hot breakfast: milk porridge, omelette-skrembl (always is served)

The variant of the breakfast - buffet breakfast.

  • Variant 1*: chicken breast, potato deep fried in straws, baked cottage cheese
  • Variant 2*: salmon with vegetables, baked potato
  • Variant 3*: liver "Stroganovsky", rice with vegetables

* the variant of the menu is changed once in 2 days, there are 5 variants of the menu

Bakery products: bread, fritters or pancakes, cakes

Extra: butter, honey, jam, cream, sour cream, lemon

Booking of table or banquet:

Phone: 8 (4152) 25-25-95
Fax: 8 (4152) 25-24-40

The championship of Russia of cookery and service

The championship of Russia of cookery and service

The 9th championship of Russia of cookery and service in Moscow ended. We are the best in Russia!